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After years of wild swings, Las Vegas home prices settle into a groove.

3-24-2016 Las Vegas home prices went through a wild roller-coaster ride the past decade or so: they ...
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Rob and Reneas Home Preservation Inc provides full service Cleaning, Yard Maintenance, and Preservation Services for REO properties in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. In order to provide the best in house beautification and maintenance, we work in conjunction with major financial institutions such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Premier Assets, and other lenders and brokers in the Las Vegas area. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service in order to preserve and enhance the value of the properties.


The Home Preservation Experts

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff responds quickly to ensure that requests are dealt with as soon as possible. We compile a complete flow of paperwork, emails, and photographs from estimate to completion. There is always a record trail to ensure access to current information.  We know the best methods to insure foreclosure property preservation.




Recent Preservations: Our most recent home transformations are featured below.

Photo before home restoration Photo after home restoration photo before home rennovation photo after home restoration